Thursday, May 8, 2014


Yesterday, I went to Reg (BEST)'s house along with Drina (BUDS). We were talking about 'bisnis' that's unimportant to most of you so nevermind that.

Basically, we tried to take "fashion"-hipster pictures and we failed miserably. It was an awkward mess filled with strange pauses and lots of laughter.

Most of the pictures are of Reg because she was the only one really up to posing and she was kind of the only one able to keep a "straight face". I tried, honestly. I just couldn't.

I took a few pictures but Drina took most of them. Check out her blog.

Reg werks it.

Much hipster.

Drina's dyed tips

My legs on the right

Such laughter

How fierce of you, Reg.

There you go!

It was way too hot to go outside the gate. I was sweating like a pig. And I'm sure we would've taken more pictures if it weren't for the HEAT. But that's that.

This summer has probably been the hottest but it's been fun. I have a little over a month before school starts and I'm quite excited. 

Anyway, 'til the next post - BYE!

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