Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion Fan: 2014

It's been quite awhile since I last blogged about fashion and it's about time I did again.

2014, so far, has been a pretty good year - both for me and for the world of fashion. I've been watching pretty much all the fashion weeks on Fashion TV and I must say: amazing. There may be a few shows that'll get me questioning some fashion designers but I think that's just me not understanding the art behind the clothes. But overall, I find most of the shows really worth watching, especially if you love fashion as much as I do.

WARNING: Lengthy post full of fabulousness. Beware.
I watched plenty of shows on Fashion TV and these are a few of my favorite ones (that I could remember):

Versace F/W 2014

How can Versace go wrong with her sultry style? With a mix of some of the 60's style, with the hair and makeup and even some of the clothes, this collection is definitely 'fab'.

Personal favorite.
Dat biker jacket doe.

More of this collection at

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014

Burberry's always been a personal favorite of mine, probably because they used Emma Watson as a model once. But aside from their use of Emma, they also make great clothes. See for yourself.

Sad that I can't wear coats like these in this country.
Love it.
That dress. That bag. Damn.

More of this show at

Orla Kiely S/S 2014

I found out about this collection through my mum. She was watching Fashion TV and told me to look up this designer because she felt like I would like it. And she was right.

The bag + flag remind me of Moonrise Kingdom.
The model reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom.
So pretty...
More at

Gucci F/W 2014

I was watching this show with my mum and my older brother. From the colors to the styles, we all loved it. All of it.

The coat, the clothes underneath, everything. Amazing.
Kasia working that mint.
The reason why I'm proud to say I like pink.
Almost cried when I saw this. It's so beautiful.

More of this gorgeous collection at

Valentino S/S 2014

Valentino shows always take my breath away. This time, I was wheezing because of how astonished I was at this collection. Beautiful stuff.

I really want this.
Oh, look. Esther being fabulous. Again.

More of these magnificent clothes at

Feel free to comment on what your favorite outfits were, or if you didn't like them, tell me why.

I had a blast looking up these collections and I hope you have a blast gazing at each collections' eye-catching outfits.

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