Monday, December 30, 2013

Two Thousand and Thirteen

The year is coming to an end so I will make the cliché post about how my year went.

(I'd do it by month but I don't really remember each month quite well. This whole year was quite a blur to me.)

My earliest memory of this year just so happens to be prom. I made a post about it and you can just go back to that. But I will say that I'm extremely grateful for that day and for that experience because someway, somehow it made me discover things about myself and my friends. I had tons of fun and if I'd do it again, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Maybe except for my shoes. I'd change those.

2013 was a music-filled year. If you noticed, I had tons of music related posts and I kind of wish 2014 would be the same. We all love music in our own ways and I really can't wait for what next year has in store for us music-wise.

2013 was also a year for discovery, really. My eyes were opened to new things. Let's take a look:

Selling stuff in school.
FashionTV. And Jacquelyn Jablonski's flawlessness.

The beauty of 8tracks.
These 12 idiots known as EXO. Flawless cuties.
Ah, but of course we still remember and continue to love the "old" things. Here we go:

This album. These People. Love.
My goddess.
Best twins on the planet. I will always love them.
Now on to the fun part. All the other fun times that I've forgotten to mention (mostly Twitter moments). Whoopee!

Basically, the guy who plays Miller replied to my tweet. He replied thrice, actually.
Hipster self made with a hipster maker thing. Fun.
For the Foxes followed me. And they continue to favorite my tweets. Heh.
Check out this prom polaroid. Ah, good times.
Still my Twitter icon.
Freakin' Ingrid Michaelson tweeted me back.
IM5 greeting my friend because of me. Whaddup.
I'd like to thank my mum for putting that chain on me. That was the bomb dot com.
Christmas lights!
There is so much more I feel like I need to share but this seems a wee bit too long already. I really do hope for a great 2014 for all of us. 

To a great year!

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