Thursday, August 7, 2014


Me in Sec A
Now I can move on to facing
Big girl problems, no more
High school drama,
Graduating with honors
-Holiday, Paramore

Hello! It's been quite some time (or at least felt like it has) since I last posted something and I'm back!

Yes. The school year has started (in June, actually) and everything's been pretty dandy. It's my first year of college and I've made a ton of new friends and been living on my own (more on this later)! 

First thing's first...I'm the realest. Kidding. Or am I? (Have I made this joke before? If I have, I am truly sorry.)

No, seriously. If you didn't know yet, I'm now studying at (the) Ateneo de Manila University. These first three months have been quite interesting, seeing as it is my first year in a totally different school. I'd been studying in SSC since I was around 5 and only is it now that I'm finally outside those walls and in these new ones.

Since I don't like boring people with lengthy commentary on my life, here's a bunch of pictures of my ~college friends~.

I present to you: BLOCK Y1!

ORSEM Day 1. Not seen here: Agba. She was cut out of the picture. Tsk. (And Tanya.)
Top of Abby's head, Biboy, Ritch, Crazy Belle
Me (looking awful), Miggy, Biboy (idk), Abby
Creeper Miggy strikes.
Not really sure what was going on here.
Asians: Carlfucius & Ritch at the back (+ blurry Ria)
Ladies: Agba, Pia (Ronqs)
Back: Jonas. Front (lol): Ria, and Da Min's back. 
Lance...and me trying to get into the picture + Trisha on the left
Trisha + me kind of photobombing
Creeper Meg strikes this time.
Pia Ronqs as her usual self after Bio class
A very good picture of Trisha that I took myself
A very bad picture of THE SUPPORT GROUP that I took myself. Sorry for the blur.

(Pictures taken by Gail - not seen in any of these pictures except the very first one - and myself.)

So that's basically my block. A bunch of people aren't seen in most of these pictures so that's not basically my block. Heh.

As you can see, we're a pretty fun bunch, especially when there's a camera involved. Also, they may be super smile-y here but most of the time, they're sawi and they never stop hugot-ing. Still fun, though.

Those are some of the pictures we have so far. To much, much more!

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