Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So Long

See you tomorrow. (Credits to Karpos)
July 23 was a glorious day for "Bombaes" in the Metro. Everything was as magical and mystical as I thought it would be and I would just like to tell this story in chronological order because that makes it a lot of fun. I will probably tell this story to my children and my children's children (if I ever have any).

It was a Wednesday. I had class from 8:30 am 'til 3:30 pm. I got back to my apartment and went online immediately (as I always do). To be honest, I was pretty bummed because the day before, I had been told that I had a ticket for the concert (thanks, Kio...hehe hi) but I didn't have any transportation. So sad.

And so, I had shared one of BBC's pictures on Facebook with a caption like, "huhu" or something. Then my older brother messaged me. He asked about my OTHER friend that was going to the concert. "Isn't SHE going to the concert?" I had totally forgotten that she was going and that she had asked me multiple times before to go with her because she'd be alone (hey there Chili).

Now, if you know me well enough, you'd know what I'd do next.


I literally started messaging both mentioned friends about the concert - asking Chili if I could go with her and asking Kio if that ticket was still mine. God was definitely on my side that day because after minutes of waiting and constant "OMG ARE YOU ONLINE PLS ANSWER ME"s, they finally did and their answers were both YES-es.

And again, God was with me because Chili's sister happened to be in the area so they could pick me up! How lovely.

Anyway, all that happened and we finally went to the concert. I met up with Kio to get my ticket (again, thanks bruh) and met a bunch of other people (CZAR! JOEY!) and it was just a crapload of fun.

She's Only Sixteen was the opening act. They were as good as I thought they'd be. They were actually a pretty big factor as to why I wanted to watch this concert. I like their songs and I wanted to see how they were live, which was amazeballs.

Probably the best picture I took that night. She's Only Sixteen killin' it.
After they performed, we had to wait awhile and everyone was cheering for BBC to come on already.

And then, the magic happened.

Unfortunately, these were the only pictures that came out decent. Everything else was a blur. Literally. And besides, why bother taking a bunch of pictures and videos when the whole point of a concert is to enjoy the experience as it is - live and real.

Of course, it didn't feel real. None of it really felt real. 

Chili couldn't help but say how much better they were live, and I'd have to agree. Which makes the whole PCD (post-concert depression) thing even worse. Because when you hear their songs again, you can feel (GET IT? No? Okay.) the difference. You just can't help but wish they were right there beside you instead of somewhere far away because THEY'RE JUST THAT GOOD LIVE.

To everyone who missed out on this concert and really wish they were there: I'm sorry for your loss. I'm kidding. But if/when they ever come back, YOU CANNOT MISS IT. 

To everyone who might not care about this: You should. Because you're really missing out.

To everyone reading this: Thanks for reading! You rock. And you should also share this with your friends. And have a great day!

'Til the next post!

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