Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home Alone

Dad's side of the family
Mum's side
More like Dorm Alone. Kidding.

But in all seriousness, I'm just glad I'm home for the holidays! I don't remember if I've already mentioned that I stay at a dorm (/apartment/whatever) so here I am. Telling you all that I do. So yes.

The last time I was at home for a long time was during my semestral break which was 3 and a half weeks or so. This time, however, I only have 2 weeks (I think), and that kinda sucks. What's worse is that the first day of class also happens to be my birthday. Whoopee.

But all that negativity aside, I'm really happy to be back at home and happy to be blogging again! I feel like I've abandoned this place but really, I'm just busy with school work. (I'm doing my research paper as we speak. Yes. MULTI-TASKING!) 

Enough of that jibber-jabber, though. Let's all just enjoy the holidays, shall we?

Here are some pics from the Christmas break to keep you all updated with my extremely eventful life:

Fine and Fierce. Except for Ceds the Friendly Giant (at the back).
Such adorableness.
We're incomplete in all of these pics but whatevs
(Okay, these first 3 aren't from the break itself. These were taken our block's Christmas party. Let's hope they don't mind me using these. Hi guys.)

Bum Christmas sleepover with CAMP (playin' dem cards)
Actually forgot that we bought this some time ago so I was surprised to get it as a gift from the 'rents
This was really random. Found the socks outside my room so I took them. They matched my shirt.
The sun was out and I was wearing my new sweater + watch idek
That's about it. Hope y'all are enjoying your break so far!

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